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taste buds. [sirens] >> alan: it's been one of the deadliest days in iraq. officials say more than 90 people have been killed and more than 360 wounded in at least 21 separate bombings and shootings in 13 cities. the attacks began before dawn. the gunmen killing soldiers in an army post in central iraq. a few hours later a car exploded and a lot where re cutes to waiting in line for a job. iraq's interior minister is blaming al qaeda in iraq. >> ama: many people hear the word tornado they think of funnel clouds in the midwest. but this home video shows a tornado striking somewhere else. new york city. at least two twisters touched down yesterday, one in brooklyn and the other in queens. one tornado caused damage in a beach front community called breezy point. >> all of a sudden i heard the cracking of a utility pole and the crackling of electricity, and then just 15 seconds of intense wind, white noise, things crashing all around me. >> ama: nobody was hurt. most of the profit -- profit damage -- profit damage was mine you're. >>> more than two dozen bus drivers in the north bay may b
eight trips to iraq alone since he was vice president. a total of, i have it here, 16 trips all-tolled in his career. they want that in everybody's mind when he heads into the debate with the opposition and paul ryan, of course. i want to tell everybody, we're going down to the floor right now. we have quick takes from our entire team. jake? >> we've heard osama bin laden's name mentioned a number of times. but white house advise oars say they expect the president's biggest task is to paint a picture of the economy over the next four years. they've contrasted well the choice between president obama, running the country for the next four years, versus mitt romney. but what they really need to do is make it so president obama paints a popular and powerful picture of the economy going forward for the next four years, as opposed to the last four years. >> across the floor from me, jon karl. >> they're trying to recapture that lightning in a bottle you've heard the president talk about from 2008. you heard from joe biden, his favorite slogans. down here on the floor, the delegates al
of a great depression, health care, ending the iraq war, i think the american people know that we have a tough economy, largely what the republican convention last week was, was hiding their own agenda, a bunch of platitudes and angry insults. people know that we have a tough economy. they want to know how we're going to move forward. i think we have energized here in colorado, here, great volunteers, we're beginning to see great registration. we think we'll be able to build the kind of excitement on the ground to win this election. particularly for the middle class voters in this country, who do you trust to make economic decisions with you at the core? and mitt romney is clearly going to make every decision through the prism of he believes that, if people like him get a huge tax break, somehow that's going to trickle down to everyone else. that's not the recipe for growth in this country. >> the other big economic decision that people will have to make is about medicare. medicare has been a winner for democrats. in his convention speech, paul ryan signaled to suggest that the republi
parts of the world he points to us us withdrawal from iraq. and that confound canada's former am bass door. >> i find this goofy he finds no evidence that american foreign policy is one of disengagement. >> and ambassador stevens making it a point to be out among the people. and not just living in a bubble. he wanted to be seen and wanted to see. he wanted to follow the first lesson which is listen to the people. >> tom hendrickson said the kons hit should have been better protected saying tighter security removes the united states from the people in the country where it is located and gives impression the u.s. is remote and not engaged. coming up at 6:00 there is political fallout to the race to the white house. and accusation that's the administration mitt romney says simp tiesed with the attacker autos and milpitas police looking for help finding a suspect in a deadly convenience store robbery. three men running into a 7-11 store and investigators say the man robbed the 67-year-old, then shot him. there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction vix in
in afghanistan and iraq are buried. >> ♪ god bless america ♪ >> members of both houses of congress remembered 9/11 by singing god bless america on the steps of the u.s. capitol leaders from each house and both sides of the aisle praised americans for coming to the to help the victims of the attacks and their families. >>> mitt romney greeted firefighters at o'hare international airport. he also took part in a moment of silence to commemorate 9/11. he released a statement saying americans united one nation god in their determination to stand tall for peace and freedom. >>> alarming reminder that threats continue within our borders. new report from congressional investigators indicates deadly radioactive material may not be properly secured in u.s. hospitals. an estimated 1200 hospitals across the country are deemed high risk for storing radioactive material which could be used to make dirty bombs. hospitals use the material in cancer treatments. the reports calls on the nuclear regulatory commission to regulate upgrades to hospital security issues >> country home to the terrorist who attacked am
/11. >> iraq, iran, afghanistan, sudan have seen violent protests. in sudan, several hundred stormed to the injury machine embassy setting that part of the building fire. several thousand have moved on to embassy and police opened fire on those that tried to scale the walls. witnesses reported seeing three people that appear to be dead. >> eric: thank you very much. again we're standing by for an abc news special report less than half an hour from now. president obama, vice president and secretary of state will at joint base andrews for the return of the remains of four americans killed in that attack in libya. david muir will anchor that report. >> kristen: here in the u.s. three universities were under threat of violence. university of texas and north dakota state evacuated all campus buildings when bomb threats were called in. university in indiana, officials warned students and faculty of an unspecified threat. a middle eastern man claimed that al-qaeda affiliation in multiple bombs were planted on campus. no bombs were found on either texas ordered ined in state. both campuses h
and this is what life is like here. >> i am a marine. i know. >> tony goodwin says he returned from iraq suffering from severe ptsd. the sound of machine gunfire went off right next to his apartment and reopened some deep mental wounds. >> immediately when i woke up i wanted to grab a weapon. i thought we were being attacked. >> it is scary. >> police say a man with a white shirt pulled over his face stood on the corner of east 16th street and seminary avenue and unloaded 38 rounds. >> i looked up, and i just started seeing stuff flying. i told my daughters to get down, get down. >> six bullets pierced this pregnant woman's parked car with her three young daughters inside. she felt one bullet whiz past her face as glass shattered over her body, and then she turned to see if her children were still alive. >> it was terrifying. it felt like i was getting ready to lose everything i worked so hard for. >> miraculously her daughters, 10, 4 and two years old were unscathed. >> we think there was a group of other young males standing beyond here that was the target ssments. ssments-- targe. >> homes were
years after declaring the end to the u.s. combat mission in iraq. david kerley is at the white house this morning. david, the president trying to draw some stark contrast with his challenger in that speech. >> reporter: dan, very quickly, the obama campaign pointed out that not once did mitt romney mention the war in afghanistan or the military. so, the president stopped at ft. bliss, surrounded by soldiers. it was an official stop. but that didn't stop the president pointing out his record. he meant what he said. ending the war in iraq, going aft after al qaeda. >> even as this war ends, we will stay vigilant until afghanistan is never again a course for attacks against america. never again. >> reporter: the big message for the president to the soldiers is that the commitment of the country to those soldiers is just beginning. he talks about mental health and several other issues facing our soldiers. dan? >> he talked about the message there. now, the president gears up for the democratic convention. is there an overriding theme they're hoping to convey? >> reporter: yeah. choice, c
security argument away from the other side. he reinforced an afghanistan, he got us responsibly out of iraq. he's taken osama bin laden. he's firm, a visionary. he's been tough and decisive. i know what the republican narrative wants to be. when you get below the rhetoric, there are no facts to support these charges. in in fact, we worked the defense. we got the strongest relationship with israel i think we have ever had. very good relations. i don't find much ground on these comments from the republicans. >> if you look at how the american people feel who would be better on foreign policy? obama, 51%. romney, 38%. trust to handle terrorism? obama, 51%. romney, 40%. that was tuesday. could the events of the last week change those numbers? >> they sure could. a question of where it goes. i think, liz, despite what you're saying, even the romney thinks they mishandled the initial way they handle this. when mitt romney came out after the attack to where he is right now. >> the romney campaign doesn't always get it right. >> there you go. as far as longterm implications this is potential danger
that he'll end the iraq war, he did. he would take the fight to al qaeda and he has. he would focus on osama bin laden and bring him to justice, we did. governor romney called ending the iraq war tragic. he said on that secret tape, with that 47% comment, that it was unthinkable that we didn't leave 20,000 troops behind. he said famously in 2008, he wouldn't have gone into pakistan to get bin laden. we'll have a foreign policy debate later in this election. these are important issues. not just from a foreign policy standpoint, one of the reasons that we have huge deficits is that we have these unpaid wars. the voters also view these foreign issues through a prism of the economy. >> david plouffe, thank you very much. >>> we'll be right back with our powerhouse roundtable in just 60 seconds. it's something you're born with. and inspires the things you choose to do. you do what you do... because it matters. at hp we don't just believe in the power of technology. we believe in the power of people when technology works for you. to dream. to create. to work. if you're going to do somethi
than iraq and afghanistan wars combined. >>> and sadly, there is still no end in sight as the teachers strike in chicago drags into its fourth day. the school district said it has presented the union with a new comprehensive proposal. and its negotiators are demanding a response or counterproposal. but the head of the teachers union said it's going to take time to work things out. >>> the final patient wounded in the colorado movie shooting has finally left the hospital. doctors say caleb medley is returning his recovery at a long-time facility. he lost an eye and suffered brain damage. his wife gave birth to their first child five days after the shooting. >> he can go home and spend time with his baby. >>> time, now, for the weather from across the nation. sunny and mild for much of the east coast. showers from coastal georgia down to florida. thunderstorms in the entire state of texas and along the gulf coast. also, stormy from oklahoma city to little rock, st. louis and chicago. scattered showers in the four corners of the southwest. >> upper 90s in phoenix. 60s from albuquerque int
. >> and you'll stay on it, john. thanks very much. >>> overseas in iraq where insurgents launched a wave of attacks striking in at least ten cities. 44 people were killed. 240 wounded. no claim of responsibility tonight. >>> we're also learning more this evening about the fbi's move to use new science against criminals in this country. eye scans and other so-called biometrics on street corners and in surveillance cameras that scan our faces as we walk by. here's abc's reena ninan now. >> looks like we got a head. >> u.s. marshals. >> reporter: you've seen it on tv. >> got a facial recognition match on the father. >> reporter: and in the movies for years. now it may soon be coming to a city near you, the fbi's billion dollar project will use available surveillance cameras to scan faces and match those images against their national database of known criminals. dubbed the next generation identification program, face recognition, dna, iris scans and voice identification will make it harder for the most wanted to hide. some worry about the potential to invade privacy, others believe it's a cr
again. iraq, iran, afghanistan and pakistan. fueling this fury? that online movie called "the innocence of muslims," which denigrates the prophet muhammad. it was produced in america. in cairo, people in the streets telling us that the american government is to blame. we asked them what they want america to do. they want an official apology from president obama. on twitter, a spat broke out between the u.s. embassy and the ruling egyptian political party the muslim brotherhood. the embassy warning the brotherhood that it was reading, in arabic, tweets sent from their account. supporting the protesters. "by the way, have you checked out your own arabic feed? i hope you know, we read those, too." tomorrow, the muslim brotherhood is calling for people to protest peacefully and not outside the u.s. embassy. but diane, we know the demonstrations are unpredictable. the city is on edge. >> thank you so much, lama. now, we turn to that tragedy in libya. we learned more today about those five hours under siege in the dark of night, ending in the death of u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three o
, the which neither side has talked to, is the empty chair of the man or woman that didn't come home from iraq. their husband or wife is gone or daughter is gone. it's the empty chair of a woman working two shifts because she doesn't have flex time. who will provide that for her? it's the empty chair of a grandfather with alzheimer's that can't be there because they're in a home and the family can't manage them. >> i wonder if both campaigns are listening tonight. do democrats have an advantage after hearing what the republicans said in their own convention? >> president obama gets to spend the week trying to fill clint eastwood's chair. national security and foreign policy almost unmentioned last week at the republican convention. those are areas where president obama feels he has a natural advantage as the commander in chief. >> as you saw this weekend, the white house releasing the behind-the-scenes images of their micro brewed beer there. a lot of political strategists suggesting there's micro targeting of voters. >> a beer is not just a beer, micro targeting, around white working class vo
in the most violent spots on earth. the places we see, afghanistan, iraq, yemen and pakistan. they also risk their lives working in places we rarely see, nigeria, venezuela, sudan. 236 foreign service officers have died in the line of duty. four more names soon to be engraved on the state department memorial. the president and secretary of state visited this week. >> my name is chris stevens. and i am the new u.s. ambassador to libya. >> reporter: chris stevens was so proud having given libya back to its people. so many there letting america now know they are against the attacks. chris stevens was a friend to them, and today, the president vowing that thousands of others like chris will continue his mission. >> we will never stop working for the dignity and freedom that every person deserves. whatever their creed. whatever their faith. >> reporter: and so we choose the brave men and women who continue their work tonight all over the world. thank you for watching. we're always online at the season premiere of "20/20," 10:00 p.m. eastern. i'll see you this weekend. diane back on m
not see the accident. >>> and iraq has just suffered one of its deadliest days since withdrawal of u.s. troupes. more than 90 people were killed in nearly two dozen shootings across the countries and hundreds of others wounded. no one has claimed responsibility, but the government is blaming al qaeda. >>> and a top al qaeda leader in africa has been killed in a car crash. nabil makhloufi was born in algeria and had been a longtime leader of the terror group. the accident took place in the republic of mali which is located in western africa. >>> just in time for the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. there is word this morning that the government is about to officially link cancer to death around new york's ground zero. that link could be made as soon as tomorrow. and it means that rescue and recovery workers and those who live near ground zero could seek coverage for their cancer from the nearly $3 billion 9/11 victims' compensation fund. hundreds of people who were at ground zero have died from cancer since 9/11. >>> and new yorkers are recovering from a weekend of wild weather s
and more about other issues. >> this is because of the iraq war to blame the u.s. for american support for israel there is this... very pervasive anger towards the u.s. that comes out whenever there is an episode of anger before they know the facts. >> and he says the grass roots nature of the arab spring facilitated by social media has been a factor in the spread of violence. there is a isn't a mandela figure that people can look up to who says this is wrong. how many people will listen to him? >> the take on it is note many that are listening. the egyptian president was slow to condemn violence which led the froze say he jipt is neither an ally nor an enemy. >> and there are any ideas on how long this will go on? >> they're tell neeg movie is just a spark. there is anger that this will be something else the next time z unless you deal with that feeling that the west is at war with islam, you're going to keep seeing these flash points. >> thank you. >> and a local koptic christian church is trying to disassociate itself that made the film. now there is fear there may be backlash here
to shoot anyone seen near the embassy with qep wep ons. in iraq a shiat group says the film put all americans in that region in danger. they chanted down with the us us and no, no to israel. >> iranian demonstrators took their anger out on the swiss embassy. the u.s. has no diplomatic relation was tehran. the swiss represent american interests in that country. >> and tear gas was fired into the crowd in cairo who threw molotov cocktails back. >> and there is a massive evacuation away in gaud malla. >> the fuego volcano located 25 miles southwest when erupting this afternoon, sent a cloud of ash half a mile into the air. and there are 8,000 residents that have been evacuated. 23,000 may have to move ut out. >> there is are police looking for several men who tied up two people during a home burglary. >> police search that had property and say four to six people entered this home on hail avenue and began stealing marijuana plants in the backyard. the residents came out to confront the thiefs and the thieves tied them up. and the sheriff's department is investigating if that operation a
at w.a speech in fort bliss, texas coinciding with the end of u.s. combat missions in iraq. highlighting mitt romney not mentioning the war or u.s. troops in the speech last night. the stage being set for next week's democratic national convention in charlotte, north carolina. the president scheduled to deliver his acceptance speech next thursday night. abc 7 news mark matthews will be live from the democratic national convention as he was from the g.o.p.'s convention in tampa. and you can get instant updates all week from mark by following him on our facebook page or on twitter. >> and federal reserve chairman says the central bank will do more to help the u.s. economy but stopped short of revealing specifics. investors liked what they heard during the speech and stocks rose enough to put them into positive territory. the dow closing at 13,090. s and p 500 closed up, seven. facebook shares closed at a new low today, $18 a share, concerns about facebook's ad platform and an influx of stock this month are blamed for the price drop. stock is now down 52% from its initial offe
of many lost from wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> members of congress joined together to sing "god bless america". the former and current speaker reflected on the anniversary. >> time will never diminish the courage of the first responders. >> we are americans. and this is our place. >> members of congress commemorated the anniversary with a moment of silence. >> speakers read names of the passengers and crew of united airlines flight 93 in shanksville, pennsylvania today, vice president biden saluted heroism of those aboard the jetliner. a group of passengers overpowered the hijackers. the plan flew towards washington, d.c. that crashed into a field. >> we saw touching commemorations here in the bay area in, san francisco, the fire chief, mayor, and police chief led a morning ceremony at station 7. >> there are names of the firefighters and paramedics were read outloud as part of the annual fire department tradition and all 43 fire stations paused for this tribute. >> there is an observeance in union city and spoke with a woman who lost her mother, 11 years ago today. >> from song to si
goodwin says he returned from iraq suffering from severe ptsd. the sound of machine gunfire went off right next to his apartment and reopened some deep mental wounds. >> immediately when i woke up i wanted to grab a weapon. i thought we were being attacked. >> it is scary. >> police say a man with a white shirt pulled over his face stood on the corner of east 16th street and seminary avenue and unloaded 38 rounds. >> i looked up, and i just started seeing stuff flying. i told my daughters to get down, get down. >> six bullets pierced this pregnant woman's parked car with her three young daughters inside. she felt one bullet whiz past her face as glass shattered over her body, and then she turned to see if her children were still alive. >> it was terrifying. it felt like i was getting ready to lose everything i worked so hard for. >> miraculously her daughters, 10, 4 and two years old were unscathed. >> we think there was a group of other young males standing beyond here that was the target ssments. ssments-- targe. >> homes were shot up, and one bullet went through belinda mclaughlin's wal
in iraq. today, i believe that as a nation, we are moving forward again. >> reporter: and with that renewed push for romney to try to convince voters of his empathy, an image from the campaign of a young romney, a missionary overseas, missing his girlfriend. his heart then as romney works to show heart now. >> my heart aches for the people i've seen. i was, yesterday, with a woman who was emotional and she said, "look, i've been out of work since may." she was in her 50s. she said, i don't see any prospects. >> reporter: of course, the big debate less than a week away now. the president heads to nevada this weekend where senator kerry will play governor romney. and governor romney, we know, has already held mock debates. he will practice more this weekend. george, i asked the governor about nerves, if he's worried about getting up on that stage. he said he's not, he's ready to draw the line, the differences between the two. but you know a lot is riding on this. >> could be make or break. you'll be there next wednesday. thank you, david. >>> now, to an explosive headli
strongest ally. my opponent said that it was tragic to end the war in iraq and he won't tell us how he'll end the war in afghanistan. >> so, how will a president romney end the war in afghanistan? >> look, those kind of comments are said when you don't have a good record to run on, when you're offering nothing but four more years of the same. >> you don't think he has a good foreign policy to run on, including the killing of osama bin laden? >> i think that's great sesz. success. to your afghanistan question, we have said that we agreed the 2014 and where we're ended with afghanistan. but where we have taken issue is making sure that the generals on the ground get the resources throughout the entire fighting season, to keep our soldiers safe and offer counterinsurgency needs. so, we beg to differ with the president on parts of his afghanistan policy. but we support the 2014 deadline. >> finally, a question about the debates. you're about to have the biggest debate of your life. coming up in october. you'll be preparing for it tomorrow. i want to show you part of a fox news debate from
attacks in iraq overnight. we will8taúes0p0p >> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> we are getting some new pictures out of china this morning showing just how desperate conditions are for survivors from two recent earthquakes. they have sent rescuers sending for cover with rocks sliding. at least 80 people have died and 800 are injured from the quakes that struck on friday. they hit a poor mountainous area of southwest china ma and shut down many communication lines to the people who need the help. >>> new this morning at least ten iraqi soldiers have been killed on an early morning raid on a military base about 50 miles north of baghdad. gunmen attacked the soldiers while they were sleeping, then got away. and more violence in the northern iraqi city of kukuk this morning. a car bomb struck a group of suni muslims who were waiting to apply for jobs with the police department, killing seven people and wounding 17. a police commander is blaming the attack on al-qaeda. >>> u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is meeting with south korea and malaysia leaders in
. and he trusted that vice president to oversee the successful end of the war in iraq and the implementation of the recovery act. and joe biden -- joe biden did a great job with both. now, he -- president obama -- president obama appointed several members of his cabinet, even though they supported hillary in the primary. heck, he even appointed hillary. i am very proud of her. i'm proud of the job she and the national security team have done for america. i am grateful that they have worked together to make it safer and stronger to build a world with more partners and fewer enemies. i'm grateful for the relationship of respect and partnership she and the president have enjoyed. and the signal that sends to the rest of the world that democracy does not have to be a blood sport. it can be an honorable enterprise that advances the public interest. now, but besides the national security team, i am very grateful to the men and women who served our country in uniform through these perilous times. and i am especially grateful to michelle obama and to joe biden for supporting t
matters, neither side talked to the empty chair of the man or woman that didn't come home from iraq, people are sitting around the table because their wife, daughter is gone. the woman who has to work two shifts. isn't able to have flex time. empty chair of a grandfather with alzheimer's that can't be there because they're in a home because the family can't manage them. >> reporter: the white house on a lighter note released recipe for the secret brew of the white house. that's right, a beer recipe. an effort to reach white working class voters. the secret to the election, perhaps, president obama trying to sent message he is ready to occupy the seat next to you even if it is a bar stool. rick klein, abc news, charlotte. >> cheers. >> good stuff. >> bottoms up. >> thank you, mr. president. >>> speaking of the president and more serious news, the president will travel to louisiana today to see firsthand the aftermath of hurricane isaac. hundred of thousands of homes and businesses still have no power this morning nearly a week after the storm hit. many people are still being kept fro
the fatal accident. >>> iraq is reeling this morning from one of its deadliest days since withdrawal of u.s. troops. more than 90 people were killed and nearly two dozen bombings and shootings across the country. more than 350 wounded. many attacks targeted soldiers and police recruits. so far, though no one has claimed any responsibility, but the government is blaming al qaeda. >>> and there was even more bloodshed in syria. overnight a car bomb ripped through the city of aleppo and killed 17 and wounded several others. fighting continued throughout the country between government troops and rebel forces. several military officers and civilians were also killed when a roadside bomb blew up a bus. and people are -- go ahead. >> no. i was going to say the concern here is that a lot of extremist groups are going to start popping up here. shortly -- just a couple of hours before this blast, a jordanian militant leader linked to al qaeda warned his extremist group will launch deadly attacks to help the rebels in syria topple assad. so you see a lot of extremist groups jus
moments -- many are bashing last week's show in tampa. >> he said it was a mistake to end the war in iraq and bring our warriors home. shed it was a mistake that set a mandate for our warriors in afghanistan and bring them home. >> reporter: and it's chatter over one of the most memorable moments of the convention goes on. that conversation between clint eastwood and the empty chair representing president obama with the president saying yesterday, he's still a huge clint eastwood fan. >> it has been dubbed the clint moment already. thank you, cecilia vega. for more, we go to jake tapper in washington. good morning, jake. >> good morning, lara, how are you? >> good. i want to start with the incident with the two allegedly drunken delegates. certainly, not the way the obama campaign would want to start this week. is it a big deal? >> no, i don't think it's a big deal. we have to remember, we think of conventions, political conventions, as ways for politicians and parties to present their case to the american people. for thousands of delegates, these are conventions like any other. that mean
on that day. i visited the graves of the troops that made the ultimate sacrifice in iraq and afghanistan at arlington cemetery. had the opportunity to say thank you and visit some wounded warriors at walter reed. and then last night,er we learned the news of this attack in benghazi. as americans, let us never, ever forget that our freedom is only sustained because there are people willing to fight for it. to stand up for it. and in some case, lay down their lives for it. our country is only as strong as the kargt of our people. and the service of those both civilian and military who represent us around the globe. no acts of terror will shake the resolve of our nation, alter that character or eclipse our values. today, we mourn four more americans who represent the very best of the united states of america. we will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. and make no mistake, justice will be done. the lives these americans led stand in contrast to those of their attackers. these four americans stood up for freedom. and human dignity. they should give
served multiple tours in iraq and afghanistan also protecting the consulate. >> well, the man who wrote, produced, and directed the film is now in hiding. nakoula basseley nakoula asked police for protection and left his california home after getting death threats. a coptic christian, identified as a drug manufacturer and scam artist. he told authority he wrote the script in prison. secretary of state hillary clinton said the movie was apparently intended to provoke rage. >> this video is disgusting and reprehensible. there is no justification, none at all, for responding to this video with violence. >> now, some of the actors in the film have come forward to say they were duped. told they were in a film to be called "desert warrior." but, john, martha raddatz reported on "world news" last night that there were warning signs that al qaeda's leader was encouraging american retaliation from libyans from the death of a libyan-born militant. the state department was aware that this arab movie aired on tv and did not send any sort of high alert out as well. so warning signs were issued. some
home from iraq and afghanistan after discovering they were pregnant. this unusual case has fueled debate for medical checks, routine pregnancy testing are needed before women are deployed to the front line. >> the soldier in question was extremely lucky that she was actually at camp bastion when she gave birth because there she's a properly established medical facility, which could look after her properly. but if she had been sent out on patrol or working at a forward operating base, it may have been a very, very different story and the outcome might not have been what it is. >> reporter: a specialist team of medics is now on its way to camp bastion to care for the mother and baby on their flight home. carolyn wyatt, bbc news. >> wow. >> wow. isn't that crazy? >> yeah. and it's not like she -- if she knew she was pregnant, she easily could have left. about 200 servicewomen have left afghanistan after learning they were pregnant. >> you can go home if you are pregnant. >> she didn't know. >> this was not a publicity stunt because she would have taken the first plane ride out of the
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